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About: Headliner

The aim of Somebody You Love is to humanise sex workers and de-stigmatise the profession. In order to do so, it's important for us to share the voices of a diverse range of people, all with lived experience in the adult industry. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, while we would love to elevate everyone's voices, we only have limited time and so are unable to guarantee a place for you on the show, but we will consider all applications!

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EPISODE 67: Somebody You Love lost their virginity* to an escort

Louise lost her "virginity" to an escort and she shares how this experience helped her to discover things about her own sexuality and needs. 


EPISODE 59: Somebody You Love lost 50kgs

Lex is a nerdy gamer girl who has worked in the adult industry her entire adult life, including online and in person, and over the last few years has lost a total of 50kgs. She shares with us her reasons for wanting to lose weight, the physical and mental toll it has taken on her, and the reactions of clients/fans and her peers.



EPISODE 55: Somebody You Love is a sex worker's parent

Jenna managed to convince her mum to be on the show, and here she is - giving us the full, honest lowdown on what it’s like to have your daughter tell you she’s a sex worker.


EPISODE 43: Somebody You Love is a sex work historian

Contrarian by nature and a provocateur by trade, Kaytlin is an internationally touring stand-up comic, sex worker rights advocate and writer. Host of The Oldest Profession Podcast and founder of Old Pros, she shares her love of history and some of her favourite whores of yore.

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EPISODE 39: Somebody You Love is a client of sex workers

Steve joined us to speak candidly about why he visits sex workers, how his first experience was, and the impact it has had on his life. 




EPISODE 32: Somebody You Love got decrim! ...or did they?

Sex worker and activist Jules is the CEO of Scarlet Alliance. She joined us soon after the passage of the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic) to discuss the good and the bad, and the work still to come.



EPISODE 23: Somebody You Love is a satisfaction expert

Escort, writer and sex educator Georgie Wolf joins the show to discuss the most common mistakes clients make, how to manage post-booking feels, and how to avoid the 'relationship escalator'



EPISODE 15: Somebody You Love is in a monogamous relationship

Full service sex worker and online sweetheart Alice Grey joined us, along with her partner (Mr G) to discuss their monogamous relationship and how they navigate it alongside Alice's work

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EPISODE 6: Somebody You Love is a transgender sex worker

Transgender dominatrix, escort, and pornstar Danika shares how she got into the job & learnt the ropes of BDSM, how her work has changed over time, what she gets out of it, and where she is going next. 

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EPISODE 67: Somebody You Love lost their virginity* to an escort

Michael lost his "virginity" to a sex worker. He shares why he chose to do so with a sex worker, how the experience went, and his advice for anyone else considering the same. 



EPISODE 57: Somebody You Love is a gay male escort

Charlie has many years experience in different areas of the industry, having started initially in Aotearoa (New Zealand) doing online work as well as full service. He is currently the Male Project Worker at SWOP NSW and he joins us to talk to us about  M4M sex work.



EPISODE 53: Somebody You Love is married to a sex worker

Mr Love is Jenna’s husband and primary partner of 13 years. He’s also our sound engineer, and probably would’ve preferred to keep it that way, but Jenna & Holly somehow managed to convince him to make a guest appearance on the show, so here he is!

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EPISODE 41: Somebody You Love is a Deaf sex worker

Queer online sex worker and qualified Auslan interpreter Dahlia has worked as a stripper, showgirl, in erotic massage and full service and has a love for movement - whether that be on stage, in the bedroom or in the great outdoors.

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EPISODE 39: Somebody You Love is a client of sex workers

Maria joined us to speak candidly about why she visits sex workers, how her first experience was, and the impact it has had on her life. 




EPISODE 32: Somebody You Love got decrim! ...or did they?

Sex worker and activist Dylan is the Acting Manager of Vixen. They joined us soon after the passage of the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic) to discuss the good and the bad, and the work still to come.



EPISODE 21: Somebody You Love is a GILF

New Orleans based Michelle (AKA the GILF of your dreams) shares laughs and truths from her 12 years of escorting experience to her being in the top 1% of OnlyFans creators.



EPISODE 13: Somebody You Love was a street-based sex worker

Current staff member of SWOP NSW and former street-based sex worker, Chantell talks life before & after decrim, transitioning while using drugs and learning the rules of the streets, outreach, and sisterhood.  

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EPISODE 63: Somebody You Love is non-binary

Meet Charlie Bear, a trans, non-binary sex worker based in Melbourne, on Wurundjeri land. They were assigned female at birth, but currently live in a body that falls between female and male, and use they/them pronouns.



EPISODE 56: Somebody You Love is a transgender escort

Sophie is renowned for being the only German trans mistress in Australia and she recently announced her intentions to retire from SW in 2023, due to the negative experiences she has encountered as a trans person within the industry. Sophie joined us to discuss the unique challenges trans femme sex workers face.

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EPISODE 48: Somebody You Love needs decrim in Queensland

Decrim QLD is a committee of sex workers who have joined with Respect Inc. to progress the removal of harmful and discriminatory sex work laws, and achieve decriminalisation in Queensland. What needs to change and what are we afraid may not change?


EPISODE 41: Somebody You Love is a Deaf sex worker

Katia is a queer Deaf sex worker, and owner of Sky Sirens. She has worked in many different facets of the industry for over 14 years and discusses disability & Deafness, the whorearchy & stripping vs massage, and the time she accidentally prostituted herself!



EPISODE 37: Somebody You Love is a male escort for women

A male escort for women and couples, Darian entered the adult industry in 2016, and since then has grown a successful business in keeping women company. We talk about what female clients are looking for, maintaining boundaries, and Darian hides in a closet. Literally. 

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EPISODE 28: Somebody You Love doesn't do it for free

Blak non-binary queer whore and member of performance & art collective Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free, Despo talks art as activism and what people get wrong about Indigenous sex workers



EPISODE 19: Somebody You Love has herpes

Perth-based full service sex worker and porn performer Rubi chats to us about safer sex practices, working in the Aussie porn industry, and the unnecessary stigma around STIs

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EPISODE 11: Somebody You Love is a parent

Melbourne based full service sex worker by night, mum of two by day, 'MILFy' shares what it's like to be a parent who works in the adult industry, and the impact the job has had on her family. 

Keen to share your story on the show? Tell us a bit about yourself


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Do you identify as a member of any of the followng communities? (select all that apply)
What kind of sex worker are you/have you been? (select all that apply)
Do you have access to a computer, earphones, and a smartphone or recording device?

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