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EPISODE 37 Somebody You Love is a male escort for women

Darian Rye is a male escort for women and couples, based in Canberra, Australia. He entered the adult industry in 2016, and since then has grown a successful business in keeping women company. We talk about what female clients are looking for, maintaining boundaries, and Darian hides in a closet. Literally. 1:27 Main Segment: Darian's origin story, what women want, misconceptions

31:56 Patron questions: Advice for first-timers, funny stories, dogs or cats?


Patreon (from $3AUD/month):

Somebody You Love is sponsored by Assembly Four, empowering sex workers through technology:

For more info on sex work in Australia, please check out the following organisations:


Qld (Respect Inc):

Vic (Vixen Collective):

WA (Magenta):

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