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At Somebody You Love we're very passionate about lifting up the voices of sex workers. The following is a list of podcasts that have been created by current or former sex workers, (or at least one of the people involved is). We do not necessarily endorse the views of our peers, but we do support their ability to share them. If we're missing one, let us know so we can check it out! 

A stripper sharing the highs and (b)lows of her experience in the adult entertainment industry, with some help from special guests here and there to spice things up. While harmful, incorrect stigmas sadly surround the sex industry, Danica trusts that using this podcast platform to share her own experiences and give a voice to others along the way will give “outsiders” a glimpse of the real world of adult entertainment - the highs, the lows, and of course the blows…

A Sex Worker’s Guide to the Galaxy 

Where the answer to life, the universe, and everything is sex workers. This podcast takes us on a journey into the lives and minds of sex workers from across the industry. An interview-based podcast that has one mission -- to go where no man has gone before -- to imagine a world in which sex workers are not demonized or sensationalized, but humanized. Hosted by sex worker Parker Westwood

The podcast created to delve into the intriguing conversations around sex work, sex and humanity. Designed to have you questioning your beliefs and maybe considering some alternative points of view. Told from the perspective of sex worker Lana Jade.

A sex podcast where professional bad girl, supersize BBW escort Isabella Martin discusses sex, life, and the world of sex work (virtual, escorting, phone sex + BDSM domination etc). She also explores men's BBW desires while sharing her experiences as a fat girl.

Cleo and Zuzu are two sex workers who are in love. In Candid Companion they bare it all. Topics include the sex industry, politics, relationships and life.

When the pandemic began in 2020, sex workers – like workers in every other industry – were forced to adapt their businesses to a new age of primarily online work. Through conversations with real sex workers and advocates from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds, this podcast considers the stigma of sex work, the reality of workers’ experiences, and the empowerment that can come from sex work. This podcast also focuses on the shift from in-person to digital services, social media’s discrimination against sex work, and other challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for sex workers.

The podcast all about the sex industry and life in and around it, hosted by mental health worker Jenn and sex worker Tess Louise. They talk about all things pleasure, mental health, diversity and other HARD matters. 

Life As A Sex Worker: Navigating Sex, Marriage & Motherhood

A dive into the challenges and triumphs I (and other BIPOC) face in sex work.

Explores the fascinating history of sex work, events in sexual revolutions, people in history, other topics around sex, and the history of sex work. Join hosts Heather, Connor, and Anthony as they discuss the oldest profession and all things relating to sex and history. Heather’s research, Connor’s wit, and Anthony's charm collide to bring a bi-weekly podcast celebrating the stories of courageous women and men who have been shunned by society because of their trade, sexual preferences, or free love thinking and still manage to become prominent people in history that you don't learn about in school.

Sit back, relax, and join award-winning Ably-Diverse digital performer; Melinah Viking as she brings you conversations with amazing individuals with incredible stories, along with lots of laughs, never without a touch of sass! Conversations that will inspire, thought-provoke... maybe occasionally cause you to shed a tear. So, pour yourself a Margarita (or beverage of choice).. and Enjoy!

Sex worker Ashlynn gives you an inside look at the fascinating world of sex work by engaging in educational and informative discussions in a humorous way about all avenues of the adult industry. 

On The Business of Sex (OTBS) is a podcast that explores the experiences of professionals making a living and an impact in the sex industry. Hosted by sex educator and entrepreneur Reba Corrine Thomas. OTBS is produced by Switch & Board Podcast Studio in Washington, D.C

A weekly podcast made for and by sex workers hosted by a trans sex worker and a non-binary sex worker.

Are you interested in and passionate about sex and social justice? Then this podcast on sex, society, and culture is for you! We use the podcast as a platform to bring together sex workers, artists, writers, scholars, and activists. Run by sex worker and writer Jessie Sage and sociologist, journalist, and sex worker PJ Sage 

A professional cuddler talks all things relating to sex work.

The sexiest frequency on air, Risqué Business is all about sex, sex work, and everything in between..the sheets. Hosted by ex-sex worker Madame Risqué, featuring music and a special guest each month, this topical show aims to normalise chat about taboo subjects in a relaxed environment

Just a girl going into her secret world that she's been involved in for over 7 years. The pros, the cons, everything that being a sugar baby involves

Sex workers talking about sex, life, and the adult industry. Hosted by sex workers Rose & Zara with a focus on sex, advice, activism, and marketing. 

Sex Werrrk! is a podcast brought to you by NYC werrrking girl, Tomik 2.0. He's here to demystify who sex workers are, what they do, and why they deserve rights. Fun hot topics and amazing interviews are abound.

Let Tennessee Queen/Kelsey Louise/Sinderella tell you about her wild adventures, about work, travel, spiritual growth, philosophy, and overall reflection of life. She’s a stripper yogini travelling woman with a big old heart and a lot to say. 

Sex workers Avery Fires and Lea Nights flap their gums about sex, work, and everything in-between. With a combined 30 years experience in the adult industry, you will surely be entertained by their stories and antics.

A podcast hosted by Steph (AKA Amber Gold) one of Australia’s premium escorts. Learn about this woman’s heartfelt enthusiasm for her chosen career path and how she is saying YES to a life of empowerment, abundance, tantalising good times and plenty of laughter along the way. Fuelled by love, this conscious call girl is both fascinating and inspiring to listen to. The focus of this podcast is real talk and candid conversation. 

Seductive Storm, one of the most outspoken and well known BBW escorts discusses all things sex work. I created this podcast for escorts, sex workers and the people who either love them or are curious about our world. This is a safe space for all escorts and sex workers to learn new things but also to share their experiences. This podcast hopes to bridge the gaps and become THE Podcast for escorts and sex workers...meaning the podcast you turn to for real talk, straight talk. A podcast for and about escorts.

A podcast on strippers and sex workers. An edgy new podcast by someone who is actually in the industry. Hosted by Steph Sia, an exotic dancer based in Vancouver, BC aims to uncover "taboo" topics such as what it's like to be a stripper, BDSM, fetishes, porn and more. Every week she'll be stripping down these topics with a feature guest to de-stigmatize these professions

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a strip club? How it feels for a new girl to audition? Why dancers need pleasers and punters have nicknames? What the difference is between a whale and a captain save-a-ho? London based strippers Buffy and Heaven tell you what strippers really think, having worked together from the East End to Las Vegas.

Straightforward skills for a successful sex life, from Aussie escort and sex educator Georgie Wolf. It’s all about finding the people that are right for you, having amazing sex, and walking away feeling good about yourself. 

Sienna Hunter deconstructs the label of 'escort' in an effort to abolish the stigma against escorts, and sex workers. Escorts reveal how they began working in this industry, working conditions, consequences of their involvement, sexuality, stigma and more. Clients and supportive businesses advocate their involvement in the industry and share their stories.This podcast seeks to liberate those involved in this industry from the restrictive labels assigned by examining the essence of 'who' an escort is,

Australian sex worker Arianna Gold tells it likes it is. She brings together important people from her world and connects them with you, the civilian listener to broaden your mind. Buckle up! It may be a rough ride. 

An irreverent history that reminds listeners that sex workers have always been part of the story. Hosted by stand up comic, sex worker rights advocate, writer, and former sex worker Kaytlin Bailey

Shame and stigma mean that many people who see escorts have unsatisfying experiences. The Satisfaction Project demystifies hands-on sex work, empowering clients to get their needs met and making life better for service providers. The project was founded by Georgie Wolf, an escort from Melbourne, Australia.

Whoretopia is a space where we reimagine a new world, a utopian existence for those who exist in opposition to the cis-male figure that has continued to dominate our society for far too long. Join host Tilly on a journey towards challenging the patriarchal, capitalistic values that dominate modern day living.

A weekly podcast that takes you on a wild ride through my life as a Phone Sex Operator. Including: anecdotes, titillating stories, personal experiences, some sexy advice, and interviews with other Sex work Positive experts.

Strippers are real people that are capable of amazing things, in and outside of the strip club. Each week with a different guest they discuss what strippers are up to, what the climate in and outside of the clubs is like and how social classifications can be harmful to marginalized groups. 


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