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EPISODE 28 Somebody You Love doesn't do it for free

We’re joined by Despo Debby, a Blak non-binary queer whore and member of performance & art collective Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free. They have worked in porn, stripping, peepshows, camming, and full service sex work in parlours, privately, and on the streets AND are also an accomplished performer, rapper, and artist. We talk about art as activism, what people get wrong about Indigenous sex workers, and the reality TV shows we feel the least amount of guilt watching.


The Debbys on Twitter:

Patreon (from $3AUD/month):

Somebody You Love is sponsored by Assembly Four, empowering sex workers through technology:

For more info on sex work in Australia, please check out the following organisations:


Qld (Respect Inc):

Vic (Vixen Collective):

WA (Magenta):


Coming soon!

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