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EPISODE 43: Somebody You Love is a sex work historian

Kaytlin Bailey is a contrarian by nature and a provocateur by trade. She is an internationally touring stand-up comic, sex worker rights advocate and writer. In 2020 she founded Old Pros where she continues her stubborn crusade against whorephobia and today she is talking to Holly & Jenna about why the history of sex work matters, who her favourite old pros are, and some of the complexities of advocacy and exploitation.

Old Pros:


3:11 Kaytlin’s origin story

10:11 Money for feelings: political fundraising vs sex work

12:44 What is Old Pros?

19:23 Why the history of sex work matters

25:27 Kaytlin’s favourite whores of yore

43:19 Adversity and diversity in advocacy

48:53 Conversations about exploitation


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Somebody You Love is sponsored by Assembly Four, empowering sex workers through technology:

For more info on sex work in Australia, please check out the following organisations:


Qld (Respect Inc):

Vic (Vixen Collective):

WA (Magenta):


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