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Boxy T-Shirt

Traditional "men's" cut
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  • This is a "men's" fit, but of course I believe this can and should be worn by anyone who likes it! It has a straight seem cut from the underarm down to the hem, and is longer than the Classic T-Shirt. If you prefer a more contoured fit, the Classic T-Shirt might be better for you!
Measurement XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Body Width (cm) 43 47 52 56.5 61 64 68 75 80
Body Length (cm) 68 71 75 78.5 82 83.5 85 87 89


I currently offer eleven designs on the front of the garment, and seven on the back:

  • The Whore (the word "Whore." I would ask that only sex workers wear this design)
  • The Hooker (the word "Hooker." I would ask that only sex workers wear this design)
  • The Sex Worker (a figure holding an umbrella)
  • The Ally (a small red umbrella - the most discreet option)
  • The Ally 2 ("I stand with sex workers" inside an umbrella)
  • The Nordic Model (the words "The nordic model belongs on the catwalk")
  • The Slut ("SLUTS4DECRIM")
  • The Podcast (the words "Somebody You Love..." because everyone loves podcast merch!)
  • Whore Business ("It's whore business, not your business")
  • Suck/Kiss ("I'd rather suck cock than kiss arse" inside a heart)

I print and apply the designs by hand to the garment. Please note this means I cannot guarantee each end product will be identical.


All my clothing is sourced from AS Colour, an Australian clothing brand ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022 among 581 other brands that were assessed. Please refer to their sourcing guide and supply chain for more information.

The base garment for the Boxy T-Shirt is the AS Colour Staple Tee. This is a 100% combed cotton, regular fit, mid-weight (180 GSM), crew neck t-shirt that is preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.

Thanks for checking out my little store!

xx Jen

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  • Who can wear these?
    Sex workers AND allies are encouraged to wear them! I ask that only sex workers (including the full umbrella of sex work) wear the "Whore" and "Hooker" designs, but everything else is for anyone to wear. Thank you for checking!
  • Classic or Boxy T-Shirt?
    Classic T-Shirt: A traditional "women's" cut - curved seam which comes in a bit at the waist If you are familiar with AS Colour, this is their WO's Maple Tee 4001 Black & White available in XS-3XL Pink & Red available in XS-2XL Boxy T-Shirt (New option): A traditional "men's" cut - straight seam from underarm down to the hem, and longer. If you are familiar with AS Colour, this is their Men's Staple Tee 5001 Available in XS-5XL LEFT: Classic T-Shirt RIGHT: Boxy T-Shirt
  • Budget or Sturdy Tote Bag?
    As you might expect from the price difference, the Budget Tote is significantly lower quality. You can see through the fabric when there is light behind it, and this is particularly obvious with the white colour. The Sturdy Tote seems to easily hold 10kg (although your shoulder may not approve!), and would withstand longer term use. Budget Tote: One large main compartment Light weight (GSM unknown) 100% cotton 38cm x 42cm Sturdy Tote: Reinforced shoulder straps One large main compartment Heavy weight, 320 GSM 100% cotton canvas 42cm x 42cm
  • Do you have different styles?
    As I'm starting out, I only have the three styles of top available. In the process of choosing these, I was weighing up factors of gender inclusivity, size range, ethicality of sourcing, fabric used, and price point.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    I do! I use AusPost (the Australian postal service) and they calculate the shipping cost automatically at checkout.

real people wearing it:

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