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EPISODE 54 Somebody You Love gets an STI test

CW: Mentions of sexual assault

This week Holly & Jenna explain what you might expect when going to get STI tests and share some of their own horror stories of going to do so. Jenna shares a Shit People Say interaction with someone who thinks she is running a sting operation, and a listener sends in a thoughtful and nuanced question about how we can best support providers when they are going through a horrible time.

1:19: Main Segment: Sexual health gaps in the medical system

51:46: Shit People Say: r u a cop

55:36: Question of the Week: How should a client respond when a worker announces they have suffered an assault in the workplace?


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For more info on sex work in Australia, please check out the following organisations:


Qld (Respect Inc):

Vic (Vixen Collective):

WA (Magenta):

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