EPISODE 36 Somebody You Love has suspicious bank accounts

TW: Sex trafficking, Eating disorders

Today we are looking at an absurd document released earlier this year by AUSTRAC. For Shit People Say, Jenna and Holly both go on rants about supposed “compliments”, our Misconception is that sex work is easy, and the Question of the Week is a doozy (TW: ED for the Question)

1:49 Main Segment: AUSTRAC’s Guide to Detecting and Stopping Forced Sexual Servitude

29:05 Shit People Say: “Learn to take a compliment”

46:25 Misconception: Sex work is easy, a lazy option

52:17 Question of the week: Do you report her to the site to try to help her or leave her be to earn a little money?

The AUSTRAC Guide: https://www.austrac.gov.au/sites/default/files/2022-02/AUSTRAC_FCG_DetectingAndStoppingForcedSexualServitude_web.pdf


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