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BONUS: Somebody You Love answers your questions the fifth

This bonus episode is available for all $10+ patrons to listen to on Patreon. All $20+ patrons can also watch the episode as a video.

We sat down and chatted about our thoughts on the following questions (all submitted by patrons):

  1. What's the most ridiculous time you've been censored on the internet?

  2. previously we all had a difference of opinion regarding disclosure of taking prescription medication prior to a booking (Viagra etc) with it being discussed a lot at the moment in regards to Vaccination status I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on Medical Privacy in relation to both clients and sex workers. There seemed to be some consensus in regards to Viagra topic at the time that sex workers would want to know in regards to possible side effects and being prepared for an emergency situation. Should this apply to all prescription drugs/medical conditions? Should both parties disclose and possibly have plans in place in case of an emergency? (What should a client do if a sex worker has a medical episode of some description, particularly in places where laws could be an issue) or should everyone have a right to medical privacy unless it is their choice to disclose? (Curious from the perspective of someone who spent 3 years working in medical administration where patient privacy was made to be one of the most important aspects of my job to now living in a world where I could be asked for my private medical records just to enter a shop (not that I necessarily have any issue with providing them) and someone who has a range of medical conditions and takes various things for them but so far the only adverse reaction I've had during a booking was having an asthma attack and needing ventolin)

  3. Guidelines or tips for discussing sex with casual partners or providers when seeing another provider. Are there things that should not be raised? I assume it is okay for a client to say ‘I did this thing with this other provider this time and loved it, can we try it?’ and it would be fine for a provider to answer anywhere between ‘No, that is not something I do’ and ‘Of course we can give it a go!’

  4. Doubles booking etiquette: Sometimes this seems like it would be super obvious, like 'Hey Jenna, wanna knock boots with this other hot chick and I?" but reading between the lines on twitter it seems like for many ladies this can actually be fraught for a variety of reasons. Let's suppose I am travelling to a new city and there are two providers I fancy. Can I just email one and mention having a duo straight off (this assumes they do not explicitly advertise as duo partners). Is it even a red flag to bring it up in the first email?

  5. A while back I spent time with a lady who toured to my city on two separate occasions. I had a great time and felt she did as well so when I saw she was advertising another tour I sent her a booking request. But I didn’t hear back from her. Sometimes there can be timing issues so a few days later I tried again but again no response. Eventually I sent her another email like 'Not sure if you got my other messages; no hard feelings if you don’t want to see me again etc.' My question is about the etiquette if a provider wants to stop seeing a client or vice versa. Is it best to 'ghost' the person, send a brief break-up message, or offer a more full explanation? Obviously will vary a lot depending on the people involved but you as providers you have probably been through a lot more of these than the typical client so would love to hear your thoughts. Obviously in the case that it is safety-related for the provider that would trump all other considerations and requires no further explanation.

  6. Face out or face in for FSSW? Jenna is very face out, but Holly has a more subtle and blurred professional profile.

  7. What do you think about SWs advertising that they are new to the industry? The idea is perhaps to appear to be someone shiny and different but could it also attract bad people after someone vulnerable?

  8. If you could have one piece of media erased from your memory so you could experience it again for the first time, what would it be?

  9. A completely different question: if you were to ever do a 'soaking' doubles booking, which one of you would be riding the penis, and which one would be jumping up and down on the bed?


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