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BONUS: Somebody You Love answers your questions AGAIN!

This bonus episode is available for all $10+ patrons to listen to on Patreon.

We sat down and chatted about our thoughts on the following questions (all submitted by patrons):

  1. It seems to me that there are broadly two types of clients: those who book sex workers because they genuinely like and are attracted to the very real personalities the SWers show in their social media interactions, and those who want the fantasy escape and are less interested in their provider's personality and self than they are in playing out the scenario they've constructed in their heads. So my question in two parts is:

  2. Is that a fair and accurate divide?

  3. If so, which type of client do you have more of?

  4. In terms of 'performance enhancers' - Would you prefer to know if a client had taken something like Viagra before a booking (particularly if they are in an age range where you would be less likely to see them be prescribed). Does this change when considering those taken by those prescribed and those who might take more recreationally? Especially considering that side effects can be quite apparent (and concerning given the current climate with things like a stuffy nose). Obviously telling the provider might be an indication to them that a client might want to "spend the entire time fucking" and (especially if it's a new working relationship) be less likely to accept?

  5. Ladies, after how many bookings would you be comfortable seeing a client for an overnight? Or does it just depend how compatible you are? I've been fortunate enough to see a lovely lady for 6 hours in one booking and a few 2 - 3 hour ones, trying to decide if I ask her for an overnight. Your thoughts?

  6. What is the number 1 item on your bucket list?

  7. What makes a great regular as opposed to just a normal regular? Do you prefer the excitement of a new client or the ease/comfort of a regular client?

  8. Hypothetically if the rates were the same, would you prefer a few longer dates or many shorter dates?

  9. Do you prefer outcall or incall bookings?

  10. In what ways do you find that female clients differ from male clients?

  11. If you were a ghost what is the first thing you would do with your ghostly powers?

  12. What are the best ways that non-sex workers can be allies of sex workers?


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