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BONUS: Somebody You Love answers your questions

This bonus episode is available for all $10+ patrons to listen to on Patreon.

We sat down and chatted about the following questions:

  • How do you handle a potential client who you are physically/visually not attracted to in the slightest?

  • What’s the term for a sex worker that retires from the business? Like hanging up the boots in sport

  • How has sex work informed your views on relationships as a whole? Any defining moments?

  • How important is trust between you and your regular clients?

  • Many years ago after my marriage broke up I started seeing sex workers. At that time there were only 3 licensed brothels on the Gold Coast. Had a meeting with 1 provider & after we started something felt off, we just weren't clicking & to put the story short, I had a failure to keep going. She basically said it had never happened to her before, and must be my fault. I never went back to that venue ever again and never had the same problem since - it was just that once. Have you ladies ever had something similar & how did you deal with it?

  • If sex work was fully integrated into society (as normal as going for a pedicure, say?) how do you think your marketing and advertising would change?

  • What is a general life lesson that you have learnt from being in the sex industry, or that has really been brought home and emphasised by being in it


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Somebody You Love is sponsored by Assembly Four, empowering sex workers through technology:

For more info on sex work in Australia, please check out the following organisations:


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