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About: Headliner

The idea of Somebody You Love was born in November 2020 during a booking involving a human footstool, Holly Harte, Jenna Love, Coke No Sugar, and a lot of laughter. Holly & Jenna joked occasionally about the podcast they'd never create but it wasn't until May 2021 that they decided it was actually something they could (and should) do. So, with the support and assistance of Mr Love, they sat down and got to work. 

The trio tossed around ideas for a title. Mr Love threw in "The Sale of Two Titties" as an option. Holly laughed as Jenna rolled her eyes. Jenna was quite chuffed with her discovery of the portmanteau "Jolly LoveHarte" but the others weren't too impressed with that. Holly's suggestion "Australian Whore Story" was tempting to the room of American Horror Story fans, but they know all too well the perils of censorship that would come with a name like that. They looked at some common sex work activism slogans and settled on something around "somebody I love is a sex worker", broadening it out to the idea of "somebody YOU love might be a sex worker".

Jenna suggested singing a theme song to the tune of "Somebody To Love" and it was in that moment the Loves discovered that Holly wasn't a fan of Queen.

That was a difficult day for the team. 

And then it was June 2021. And they released Somebody You Love - a podcast that aims to demystify sex work and give a human voice to sex workers. We hope that it is valuable to our peers (fellow sex workers) and clients, and also hope that it serves as a reference point for those who have nothing to do with the sex industry.


Jenna Love

Jenna is a 32 year old full service sex worker and online content creator who lives in the Blue Mountains on Darug and Gundungurra land, west of Sydney. She has been in the sex industry for almost a decade and has experience working both independently and in brothels, and in all states & territories of Australia. Jenna is currently the Secretary for Scarlet Alliance and has a passion for advancing the sex worker rights movement. In her spare time she can be found deeply entrenched in reddit arguments, working on one of her many hobbies, or binge-watching TV with her husband and their cat. 

The Messy Manager

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Fairytale Title



Holly is a 32 year old full service sex worker based in Canberra, ACT on the land of the Ngunnawal people. She has worked in many facets of the industry since she was 18 years old and has a passion for liberation and spreading love. Having explored stripping, brothel work, and reception & management roles, she now works independently. She is an avid reader, animal lover and sci-fi fan. Holly’s hopes for this podcast are to educate, entertain and most of all to destigmatise the job that she loves.

The Bogan Bookworm

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